Apogee University

Reinvesting in our most valuable assets.

With the growth and diversification of any group comes the added challenge of maintaining standards of excellence. Apogee University represents the senior leadership's acknowledgement of this ideal. The purpose of this course is to nurture a culture of service excellence, utilizing the most current evidence-based practices of patient care. Apogee University is a two-day course presented by Dr. Peter W. Thompson, Chief of Clinical Operations.
Objective of Apogee University
Apogee Physicians is dedicated to delivering the Apogee Promise for every patient, every time. The Promise is to provide excellent care through the pillars of Safety, Quality, Service, and Value.

Identify the key components of the Apogee Promise - Safety, Quality, Service, & Value
Understand the importance of the Hospital/Hospitalist partnership
Learn the strategies necessary to improve outcomes and efficiencies in Hospital Medicine.
Apogee Support

Specific topics addressed
Each topic in the curriculum is introduced on the basis of its importance and contribution to excellent patient care. Specific expectations are then discussed, followed by defined strategies to meet those expectations.

  • Administrative Viewpoint
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Compliance and Coding
  • HIPAA and the Hospitalist
  • Length of Stay: Aligning Incentives
  • Patient Information Coordinators (PICs)
  • Physician Efficiencies
  • Professionalism: The Team
  • Quality - The Best Becomes the Common
  • Risk Management - Staying Out of the Spotlight
  • Safety - A System Approach
  • Safety in the Hospital