Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Preceptorship

Apogee Physicians is seeking highly motivated Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant students for the opportunity of participating in hospital based preceptorships. NP/PA trainees will join a structured hospitalist practice and will gain clinical experience with patients. The trainee will develop interview skills, diagnostic reasoning, and patient management emphasizing best practices.

Apogee understands that the NP/PA student already has a wealth of experience with patients and pathophysiology. Through case presentation, assigned reading, and didactic study, the student will develop the skills necessary to manage patients of varying acuity.

Apogee seeks to create a productive, collaborative relationship with NP/PA students. Each student and preceptor will develop a relationship through individual instruction while learning to be a member of an in-patient team.

Path To Success

As a student progresses through the program, responsibilities of the student will also increase, allowing for further learning and stronger relationships with Apogee and its providers.

Contact Us For Assistance In Arranging Your Preceptorship

Judie Machado
P: 602-778-3660

Clinical Objectives

Patient Management
  • Performance of a quality history and physical exam
  • Analysis of all pertinent clinical data
  • Development of a differential diagnosis
  • Proposition of an action plan for a therapeutic intervention
Service Excellence
  • Create a climate of trust
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Treat every patient with courtesy and respect
Professional Role
  • Participate as an active member of the healthcare team
  • Demonstrate evidence based approaches to care
  • Collaborate with other health care providers
  • Engage in continuous quality improvement
Cultural Competency
  • Provide culturally sensitive care
  • Assist patients of diverse cultures and spiritual beliefs