Destination Workplace

Feel A Strong Sense Of Purpose And Meaning In Your Work

Imagine coming to work every day and being free to do what you do best — treat patients! This is exactly what you will experience while working at Apogee. We know that the most fulfilling hospitalist career maximizes the physician-to-patient interaction.

Enjoy The Stability Of A Successful Company

Our goal has never been to be the biggest; it has always been to be the best. Being the best produces big results. That is why our inpatient hospitalist solution has resulted in our presence in more than 100 hospitals in 32 states and has led to our building a current staff of more than 750 physicians.

Be Supported and Mentored by Strong Apogee Leaders

Apogee is entirely physician-owned and operated, meaning our leaders know the business of medicine inside and out. Our company thrives on the knowledge that a team is only as great as its leader.

Look Forward to Professional Growth and Promotion

Many of our physicians, through demonstration of their character and leadership abilities, have earned the opportunity to run their own Apogee hospitalist programs and usually reach this milestone within a year of joining our group. This could be you!

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Expand Your Mind with Ongoing, Innovative Education

At Apogee University, all attendees are eligible for up to 12 CME credits. At the quarterly Program Director (PD) Summit, all of Apogee’s PDs assemble to define the most recent changes and challenges in hospitalist medicine. PD Summit attendees are eligible for up to 10 CME credits.

Get the Most out of Your Personal and Professional Life

Apogee’s infrastructure is designed specifically with the best interests of you and your family in mind. Our seven days on/seven days off shift schedule facilitates the perfect work/life balance, ensuring continuity of care for patients and ample time to enjoy your personal life.

Belong to the Apogee Family

Apogee is not merely a place of employment; it is a place to belong and call home.

Live near family with one of our many opportunities nationwide.