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Benjamin Wright, MD | Program Director

Leadership Opportunities

Become a Program Director

A physician’s professional career often culminates in the management of his or her own private practice. However, not all physicians have the opportunity to lead a group, and most who do so spend a lifetime seeking that point. Apogee Program Directors, through the strength of their character and leadership abilities, have earned the opportunity to run their own Hospitalist programs. Many physicians have become Program Directors within a year of joining our group.

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Each Apogee Program Director (PD) is responsible for the Hospitalist program at his or her location. The Program Director not only assists with leadership tasks — creating the physician schedule and maintaining strong relationships with hospital administration, primary care physicians, and specialty physicians — but he or she also participates in a full clinical schedule, caring for and treating patients.

The group's guiding philosophy is, "What's best for the patient is best for the practice." ™ The PD’s role includes ensuring that every Apogee physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant in that PD’s program has the support to provide the very best care to every patient, every day, every time!

The Program Director is held accountable for his or her team’s successes and failures. To help prepare for this leadership role, the PD must attend and complete Program Director Academy, presented by Dr. Peter W. Thompson, Chief of Clinical Operations.

Additionally, Apogee invests the time and resources necessary to hold quarterly Program Director Summits, during which all PDs assemble. Through these summits, Apogee provides ongoing leadership development that includes training, education, and sharing best practices and support.