Metrics Through Technology

Apogee Physicians employs proprietary, state of the art applications that keep us on the cutting edge of hospital medicine. These technologies give our physicians and administrators the tools they need to provide the very best patient care possible while giving our hospitals the best value in the industry.


This engine is an invaluable tool that aids in physician relations and support.


DBX is a database extension system that automates extraction and searching of countless internal documents.

Information Capture Engine (ICE)

ICE is a state-of-the art medical information capture engine utilized at every Apogee program nationwide. ICE software was created in house and is customized to meet the specific needs of Apogee. It holds a large database of patient demographics, insurance information and physician schedules. ICE pulls together key information to generate valuable reporting and metrics about each program’s performance.


Seven is a hospital performance measurement and reporting engine that calculates CMI, ALOS, ADJ ALOS, and GMLOS across companies, divisions, hospitals or individual physicians. Seven provides valuable information that helps implement targeted improvements.


AIR is Apogee Interactive Reporting system. It provides dynamic reporting for all internal operations. AIR is a web-based application providing users unprecedented access to reporting data in visual form. AIR has interactive features with “drill-down” capability, allowing the user to see the big picture in chart form and navigate to the provider level, gaining insight on performance for many metrics. The user will be able to save the visual chart or data in an Excel-type form. This information is obtained without needing to send an email to request a report or being tied to a particular canned PDF view.


CFLOW is used to generate and track credentialing and licensing documents for a seamless credentialing process.


iApogee is an IOS and web application that provides a detailed view of our programs. It is interactive, enabling providers to access and discuss issues or trending topics within or across programs. This tool facilitates ongoing discussion and continuous improvement of our programs.


This software provides up-to-the-minute information to Primary Care Physicians in the community. PCP allows immediate access to H & Ps, discharge summaries, and on-and-off service notifications for patients attended by Apogee hospitalists.


STAT is a workflow management system providing the ability to assign and track tasks for efficient and accurate business process administration.


Licensing and Verification Application is a premier software application that revolutionizes the licensing and credentialing process for physicians and other providers. This robust application streamlines processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste of resources while ensuring accuracy and fast turnaround times.