Our Story

Apogee began as a nine-physician group in the spring of 2002. All the founding physicians worked in private practice, some having practiced together as Hospitalists for as many as six years. Our doctors believed that investor-owned groups lacked the "patient-first" mentality of a physician-led group.

The word "Apogee" means "top of the curve; highest point; pinnacle." The name was chosen because we felt it embodied what we were seeking in our partners and ourselves. Our group was conceived around a simple but clinical vision: “What's best for the patient is best for the practice.” ™ The group has been built on a foundation that emphasizes lifestyle and security. Apogee´s original business plan ended with 22 doctors in 2 local hospitals.

Now, 15 years later, more than 750 physicians and nurse practitioners / physician assistants nationwide call Apogee home. Our expansion is the direct result of company culture and beliefs. We believe you must create a destination workplace for your stars to excel. We are a physician group, plain and simple. However, our physicians are anything but. They represent the best and brightest minds in hospital medicine.

It is Apogee's duty to provide opportunities to those physicians who are looking to grow beyond the practice of medicine into leadership, education, and research. Apogee has been, and will remain, guided by values and principles, not policies and procedures. We are not looking to be the biggest, but we are passionate about being the best. We will continue to innovate and invest heavily in our people, thereby ensuring that Apogee lives up to its name.

Quality, Strength, & Stability

Apogee is a physician-based, physician-focused Hospitalist group that functions as a team with a common goal. Our philosophies are based on values of trust and loyalty. It is by virtue of our ideals and commitment to excellence that we have continued to grow and provide opportunities for those who call Apogee home.

Outstanding Client Base

  • Catholic Health Care Initiatives
  • Community Health Systems
  • Hospital Corporation of America
  • Lifepoint Hospitals, Inc.
  • Barnabas Health


  • Apogee CME Programs
  • Apogee University
  • CMS Core Measures
  • Corporate Compliance Program
  • DRG Correct Coding Initiative
  • Internal Chart Review
  • Patient, Nursing & Physician Surveys
  • Program Director Summit

Strength & Stability

  • Consistent ownership and management
  • Entirely physician owned and operated
  • More than 750 full-time Hospitalists
  • Over $100 million in annual revenues